Hadaka Matsuri - Naked Men's Festival - Toyota

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Hadaka Matsuri - Nude Men's Festival - Toyota 1

Hadaka means "naked", the name of the festival is "Festival of naked men".

This festival takes place every Saturday and Sunday February, in a very cold season and occurs in various parts of Japan, today we are checking the festival of Matsudaira neighborhood of Toyota.

In fact, they do not get totally naked, wear a white thong called (ofundoshi), at a temperature below zero degree.

The festival begins Saturday night with the opening ceremony at Jinjya Toshogu and purification rituals. After ritual, they start drinking the loot to purify the body, put on the loincloth and go out into the street shouting WASSHOI WASSHOI.

And soon afterwards the final ritual begins, where they begin to play cold water on themselves so that their bodies are further purified.

And on Sunday there is a new opening and other rituals, with several hourly attractions like Bounote, Wadaiko (Taiko), Mochi Nagae and others.

Young men and older men wearing the little thongs [Fundoshi] takes part in a competition to see who wins the wooden ball that was blessed in the holy water at the purification ritual on Saturday night, bringing good luck to the winner.

The Naked Men Festival (Hadaka Matsuri) is very popular in Japan.


Saturday from 17h to 20h.

Sunday from 10am to 15pm.


Sunday there will be parking, there will be free bus running every 45 minutes from 9h to 16h. to go to the festival site in the cities of Toyota e Okazaki.

Aichi, Toyota, Matsudairacho, Akabara 13

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