Okazaki Oni Matsuri - The Ogre and Fire Festival

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Okazaki Oni Matsuri - The 1 Ogre and Fire Festival

O Oni Matsuri (Festival Ogre) is always held in February (Saturday) in Okazaki city. An epic festival featuring a wild dance of ogres and torches, participants carry 30 torches to the main hall of Takisanji Temple (one of the nation's important cultural properties) and perform a wild dance.

Part of the festival involves blessings for men of 42, 25 and 12 years, so 3 men are selected as representatives to attend the fire ceremony in the main hall and wear ceremonial masks.

The 42-year-old man wears a grandfather's mask, and the 25-year-old man wears a grandmother's mask and the young man wears a grandchild's mask.

Demons are chased with great torches by 30 men through the temple as if they were in a wild dance, until the demons are cast out by the fire. The ogres (masks) that the grandfather and grandmother wore, are said to have been made by Unkei and appear among the fiercely ardent flames and bestow peace on earth and an abundant harvest.

The festival is famous as a traditional religious ceremony to greet the early spring, dazzling and at the same time scary because it uses a huge amount of fire inside the wooden temple.

Date: Held every year in February (Saturday), the 14th

Open Hours: From 13: 00 to 20: 00hr.

Parking: Free

Aichi-ke Okazaki-shi Taki-cho Aza Yamagomori 107

Okazaki Oni Matsuri - The 27 Ogre and Fire Festival
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