Kariya Highway Oasis - New Year's Eve Lighting

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End of Year Lighting - Kariya Highway Oasis

Every year on Highway Oasis of the city of Kariya in Aichi we have the lighting year-end special (November a January).

The area is basically a parking area of ​​Isewangan highway, however, this stop offers a lighting show at the end of the year and various services and nice shopping all year round.

A beautiful illumination of the Isewangan highway stop, which draws every year a large number of visitors, more than 100 millions of people visit the Kariya Highway Oasis.

Lighting: From 16 from November to January 13

Schedule: 17: 00 at 22: 00hr

Parking and entrance: Free

Aichi-ken Kariya-shi Higashizakai-cho Yoshino 55

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