Japan National Foundation Day - kenkoku kinen no Hi

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kenkoku kinen no hiFoundation Day), also known as Kenkoku Kinenbi is the Japan National Foundation Day. It is a feriado national in Japan celebrated annually on 11 in February, this day the Japanese celebrate the founding of their nation and the imperial line by their first emperor Jimmu.

According to records from the ancient book Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan) the oldest book on the history of Japan, the origin of the commemoration came on a new year's day in 660 BC based on the Chinese calendar when the first Japanese emperor was crowned, so it is said that National Foundation Day originated from Ano Novo).

In 1872, most of the population of Japan still used the Chinese lunar calendar despite the official change to the Gregorian calendar. The result was that Empire Day fell on New Year's Day and most people celebrated New Year's Day instead of Empire Day. In response to this, the Meiji Government in 1873 changed the Day of the Empire to 11 in February, claiming that it was actually the day of Emperor Jimmu's accession.

It was celebrated as Empire Day until World War II, being a day of great pride and marked by great parades, fireworks and festivals. However, as a consequence of the war, the day was abolished for expressing improper ideals. However, 20 years later, the holiday was restored in 1966 and since 1967 all Japanese celebrate the anniversary of their country on February 11.

The flag represents the Emperor and remains a strong symbol on this day, where many people carry them at parades and local festivities.

Day of commemoration of the foundation of a nation

  • Kenkoku - founder of a nation
  • Kinen - celebration
  • Hi - day

National holiday: February 11, kenkoku kinen no Hi (Japan National Foundation Day).

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