Denpark Angel - New Year's Eve Lighting

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Denpark (Flowers park) with winter lighting (year-end) of the city of Angel, Aichi. It is a park that recreates Danish landscapes rich in nature and surrounded by flowers.

Denpark Angel- New Year's Eve Lighting 1

Every year between December 1 and January 14 at the Denpark, the end-of-year lighting show (Christmas theme) with 500 thousand lamps takes place.

A beautiful place to take pictures and record videos with family, boyfriends and friends. An unforgettable memory of Japan!

Winter Lighting:

November 23 through January 27.

Open Hours: Until 21: 00 hrs.

Starter: 600 yen for Adult and 300 yen for children.

Free Parking (1.000 cars capacity).

Closed: every Tuesday.

Tel: 0566-92-7111 (Japanese).

Aichi-ken Angel-shi, Akamatsu-cho 1

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