Asuke Aki Festival - Toyota Autumn Festival

Event date: 2019 / 10 / 12 - 10 / 13Categories: ,

A colorful festival to mark Autumn in Asuke!

One of the busiest stations in Asuke Toyota-shiAs the event begins with a grand style, beautiful floats parade in the streets near the Asuke Hachimangu Shrine, displaying the young dancers on board. The festival also features Matchlock musketeers exhibiting gunpowder shooting sessions and demonstrations of the former “Bonote” martial art dance. The festival cars are incredibly fantastic and epic because they are decorated with beautiful lanterns.

It is held every year since 1700

In those days, it lasted 5 days, but now it lasts 2 days (every year on the second Saturday and Sunday of the month).


14: 00 - Procession (Ritual of purification)

18: 00 - Sanctuary Return Procedures


7: 00 - Departure of floats (Nishi-cho)

8: 00 - Float Match (Tamachi)

10: 00 - Departure to the Shrine - Shrine Rituals

12: 00 - Bonote ”

15: 00 - Shrine Rituals

16: 00 - Departure of the Defense Troops

Date: All years on the second Saturday and Sunday in October, 2019 on 12 and 13 days.

Toyota Achi-ken Asukec-cho Miyanoato 12

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