Emperor's Birthday - Tennou Tanjoubi

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O Emperor's birthday Naruhito (Tennō tanjōbi - 天皇 诞生 日), celebrated on February 23, is National holiday in Japan.

On February 23, the Imperial Palace opens the gates to the public wishing to greet the emperor. The emperor, the empress and other members of the imperial family, appear on the balcony, giving a speech of thanks.

The opening of the Imperial Palace to the public takes place twice a year, on the Emperor's birthday and New Year's greeting.

Note: With the withdrawal of Emperor Akihito on April 30, 2019 Prince Naruhito comes to power, so from 2020 the holiday of the new Emperor is celebrated every year on February 23.

National holiday: February 23 (If if February 23 falls on Sunday, the holiday will be moved to Monday).

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