Toyota Kosei Hospital

Published January 2018.

Toyota Kosei Hospital 1

Anyone for the first time should take a presentation letter from another clinic.

Those who go for the first time and do not have the presentation letter, will be charged a fee of 5.400 yen, that is, the value of the consultation plus 5.400 yen.

  • First Consultation:

8 Attendance: 20 at 11: 30h.

  • Appointment:

Answering 8: 20 to 16: 30h.

  • Translators:

On average 2 translators per day.

Note: The days and times of the translators change according to the month.

  • Free Parking:

Vacancies for 1.704 cars.

Toyota Kosei Hospital 2
Toyota Kosei Hospital 3

Phone: 0565-43-5000

End: Aichi, Toyota, Josuicho,

Toyota Kosei Hospital 4

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