Toyota Coronavirus - Message from the mayor to citizens and businesses

Published August 2020.

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the city of Toyota has been increasing since mid-July. From August 1 to August 5, there were 35 new confirmations. In any case, we must stop this spread of infection.

The new coronavirus alert level established on 5 June remains the most serious level 4. From 1 to 31 August, we will be doing a month of strengthening and I would like to work with the citizens.

Please avoid going out to areas where agglomerations occur, incredible avoid going out to areas in Nagoya where agglomerations occur and at night (especially to the younger generation). Avoid restaurants and places where you have to remove your mask.

Business Merchants. Please follow the infection spread prevention guidelines. We will try to be a good company for citizens for a month (this month).

I am you and you are me

Now is the time to work together to overcome this challenge. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

August - spread of coronavirus until the 5th.

  • On day 1 there was an increase of 13 cases, on day 2 an increase of 8 cases, on day 3 one case, on day 4 eight cases and on day 5 until afternoon 5 cases.

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