Tiger from the New York Zoo, infected with the new coronavirus

The New York Zoo announced that a tiger was infected with the new coronavirus.

The new coronavirus was confirmed in a 4-year-old tiger (female) called “Nadia” raised at the Bronx Zoo, in New York City, (USA). The tiger tested positive for the new coronavirus, according to the country's National Veterinary Services Laboratories at the country's Department of Agriculture (USDA). The tiger was tested after several lions and other animals of the same species began to show signs of respiratory disease.

The female Nádia started to show some symptoms from March 27th. According to the zoo, the animal is recovering and stable. The place has been closed to visitors since March 16.

This may be the first case of virus infection in an animal in the United States and also the first in a tiger in the world, according to the The New York Times.

The zoo's management said its sister Blue, two Siberian tigers and three African lions have a dry cough and are expected to recover.

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