Iwayado Shrine 「Seto」

In 725 in the Nara period (about 1.300 years ago), a famous Gyoki monk, found in a huge cave of stone, there during his training he sculpted three Buddha statues to pray for the eradication of Emperor Shomu's disease. Then the famous monk Gyoki, consecrated the Buddha Yakushi carved on the wall of the stone cave of the Iwayado park na city ​​of Seto.

O sanctuary has become famous by attracting many people as they say it helps prevent eye and hearing diseases. In the giant natural rock sanctuary there are 15 statues of Buddha. You can also enter the sanctuary and look inside, pray or take pictures. In this sanctuary you can feel the sacred atmosphere in the mountains of the park.

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Parking: Free (chap. 180 cars)

Aichi-ken Seto-shi Iwaya-cho

Iwayado Shrine 「Seto」 10

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