Re-entry Visa

Published April 2019.

Re-entry - 1 Reentry Visa

Period up to 1 year

As of July of 2012, was introduced the special re-entry permission system. Foreigners holding the zairyu card will not be required to apply for re-entry permission when leaving Japan, as the new system allows people to leave and return to Japan within the 1 year. But if the person does not return to Japan within the 1 year period, he will lose the visa.

If your visa has a period of stay of less than 1 per year, the period of your return to Japan will be until the visa expires, otherwise you will lose your visa.

Period above 1 year

When foreigners residing in Japan provisionally leave the country and wish to return to Japan with the same stay (visa) qualification, re-entry must be requested in advance.

If you leave Japan without a re-entry permit, your stay qualification (visa), which you had prior to leaving Japan, will be canceled. On the contrary, if you leave Japan with the re-entry permission, you do not need to apply for a new visa.

5 thoughts on "Re-entry Visa"

  1. Aníbal Gustavo Martins okumura said:

    I have a doubt I am Brazilian married to a descendant I have seen 3anos with her, only that I came back to Brazil not long ago, and I would like to return to Japan but only that she does not return to Japan will be able to return without her I I have reentre a year, in case back alone without being able to enter Japan.

    1. CJ 日本 Guide said:

      Good morning, you can go back alone. No problem, if your visa has not expired, you can stay until your visa expires.

  2. Hello, I wanted to clear up a doubt… I left Japan in 2017, and next week it will be 2 years since I’m in Brazil, I have this little piece of paper in my passport talking about reentry. And I have a permanent visa too. I would like to know if what is written on the reentry paper, in brackets, means that if the person has a permanent visa, the reentry is valid for 2 years. And if I can go back to Japan before I turn 2 here in Brazil.

    1. CJ 日本 Guide said:

      Good morning, if you're writing in re-entry 2 years, you have to return until two years, because if two years have passed the visa, you will have to take the visa again.

  3. In the case of permanent visa?

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