Queen Elizabeth II makes an unusual statement on television

Queen Elizabeth II, on Sunday, April 5, made a rare statement on national radio and television, in which she thanked the work of health professionals and the resilience of the British people in maintaining social isolation in the country.

The coronavirus pandemic has already killed 4.934 people in British hospitals, with 47.806 cases in total.

The Queen began her speech by mentioning the difficulty that not only the UK, but the entire planet, are facing because of the new coronavirus.

This is an increasingly challenging time for us, a time of turmoil in our country, which has brought sadness to some, financial difficulties for many and enormous changes in everyone's daily life. I want to thank everyone, the frontline health workers, the caregivers, the professionals who keep their jobs away from home, for helping those in need. I am sure that the nation will join me and thank these workers as well. I also thank those at home, helping to protect the vulnerable.

She asked the people to show solidarity, we are together against this new disease. If we come together and have a strong will, we can overcome it emphasized the importance of working together to prevent the virus from spreading.

It is extremely unusual for Queen Elizabeth to announce a message outside of Christmas. The speech was recorded at Windsor Castle, where the queen is staying, photographer and TV wore protective clothing and took a distance.

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