Arrested a Brazilian for car theft in the city of Chiryu

Published in October 2020.

A Brazilian was arrested in city ​​of Chiryu, province of Aichi, for threatening a friend with a knife and stealing your car.

The Brazilian Paulo Romário dos Santos Takezawa he was arrested, accused of assaulting and threatening his victim with a knife in the Nanyo parking lot in the city of Chiryu and appropriated the car.

When the 22-year-old Brazilian (from city ​​of Nishio) was going to get into his car, was approached by a man with a knife, he took the car key and took the vehicle in August this year. Since August, the police have been looking for you.

The two met in March, and reportedly had problems with buying and selling a car.

The police are still investigating, because before the assault the Brazilian Paulo was in a black car along with two other men, who would probably be an accomplice.

Paulo Romário dos Santos Takezawa, 26, lives in Higashiura-cho de Chita-gun, Unemployed.

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