The wages of foreign workers in Japan are 80.000 yen less, compared to Japanese wages.

Published March 2020.

The Japanese Ministry of Labor reported the result of a wage survey, showing that foreign workers earn 80.000 yen less, compared to Japanese wages.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the salary of foreign workers working in Japan averages 223.100 yen per month, less than 80.000 yen below the national average, excluding overtime pay. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare believes that shorter service and younger age are having this impact.

The results are based on data collected in June last year, the survey is conducted annually in June verifying the salaries of companies with more than 10 employees. With the increase in acceptance of more foreign labor in April last year, last year's survey covered foreign workers for the first time.

The average length of service of the foreign workers surveyed was 3,1 years, well below the general average of 12,4 years. Their average age was almost 10 years younger than the general average. The Ministry of Labor believes that this may be affecting.

On the other hand, the wage gap between men and women in the country was the smallest since 1979, when the data were compared, with women earning 74,3% of their wages compared to men last year.

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