Prime Minister Abe is preparing to make an Emergency Declaration tomorrow for Tokyo Province and other provinces.

Amid the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection in Tokyo and other provinces, Prime Minister Abe met in the Prime Minister's Office with the Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura, who is responsible for the Special Measures Act.

It met today at 14:30 (April 6), with the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Rehabilitation Nishimura, responsible for the Special Measures Law.

Prime Minister Abe is making final adjustments to issue a “Emergency Declaration”Based on the Special Measures Law for the 7th, ¨to Tokyo province and other provinces¨, concerned about the collapse of the medical system.

When an emergency declaration is issued, provincial governors in the target area can ask residents to avoid going out and cooperating in preventing infection. People who need to leave to work will continue to do so.

In addition to requesting and giving instructions to close schools, daycare centers, elderly and welfare institutions, department stores and cinemas.

Governors may give orders to occupy buildings and land for hospital facilities, even without the consent of the respective owners.

In addition, parcel transport companies may be asked to give priority to delivery of medicines and medical devices if necessary.

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