ii fuufu no hi - Happy couples' day

ii fuufu no hi - Happy Couples Day 1

On the 22nd of November (22/11) is a special day in Japan as it is celebrated as the "good day of couples" (ii fuffu no hi - い い 夫婦 の 日).

  • What does this mean ii fuufu?

In Japan the date is written as 11 / 22 instead of 22 / 11.

The number 11 = ii, which means (good) and the number 22 = fu fu, which means (couple), then 11 / 22 can be read as ii fuufu, that is, this day in Japanese culture became the good day of the couple (ii fufu no hi).

I fuufu in Japanese it sounds like a good husband and a good wife. Many recreation sites in Japan make a special offer for couples this day to encourage them to take care of each other and spend more time together.

This Japanese celebration began around 1988 (not very old or typical) and originates from the goroawase, which is a rhyming game (play with words), this common word game in Japan is often used in advertising.

ii fuufu no hi - Happy Couples Day 2

Being married, having fallen madly in love with a person, does not mean that every day is good. When you share days with a person with different tastes, habits, customs and language, in the case of mixed couples, I think sometimes it should be very difficult to understand some situations of married life. There will be things that can be forgiven and some that can not. So it feels good that there is a day for couples to remember the day they fell in love, and take the opportunity to talk about the problems that exist, if they exist, to be able to continue together for several more years.

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