Published April 2019.

Overtime 1

An employee who works more than 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week is entitled to overtime.

See the values ​​in the table

Normal Hours (8 hours per day or 40 hours per week)

Extra hour25%
Night Time (22: 00 to 5: 00)25%
Work on day off (company calendar)25%
Extra hour plus night time25% + 25%
Work on day off (company calendar) plus night time25% + 25%
Working on a day off (determined by law)35%
Working on a day off (determined by law) plus night time35% + 25%

In the labor law of Japan, the clearances determined by law are 4 days a month (houtei), I have no definition of days of the week, meaning these 4 days can be weekends or weekdays. And if the employee works on any of these 4 days the company should pay extra (overtime) of 35%. And it also has the clearances determined by the company (company calendar), called shoutei.

If the company has a daily schedule of less than 8 hours of work per day, ie 4 hours per day, and there is a need to work another two or four hours, up to the limit of 8 hours per day, the company is not obliged to pay overtime as overtime, only if the journey exceeds 8 hours per day.

3 thoughts on "Overtime"

  1. Diego Hirata said:

    I wanted to know I work every Saturday but none is paid as overtime and paid as normal, and in this factory nw has a calendar to work!

    1. CJ 日本 Guide said:

      I would have to know more details, like how many hours you work a week or a month, so I'd better go to the Ministry of Health (Ministry of Labor), if I did not speak Japanese, ask your Hello Work in your city, in Hello Work.

  2. Beatriz sayuri said:

    I have a doubt here in fukui murata the teidi happened to be 9 hours and 2 extra hours before it was normal 8 3 extra hours can this?

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