Earthquake Prevention Guide (place of refuge and preparations)

> Place of Refuge <

It is a place where you can sleep, receive food, medical assistance and information. It is a safe place for all people (Japanese and foreigners), even for foreigners who do not have a visa.

In several cities many primary and junior high schools work as a shelter, there are several places of shelter before a disaster, it would be good to leave a place of refuge to meet in case of an earthquake in advance with family or even friends. Not to be worried.

> Preparations <

Reserve drinking water for 3 days, 3 liters per day for each person. Bottles of drinking water are sold at the Home Center, which can be kept for 5 years, called HIJOYOINRYOSUI.

Reserve food, instant food, canned food and more for a minimum of 3 days.

Also reserve some medications.

And in case of an EARTHQUAKE ALERT WARNING, it is possible to use tap water for a brief moment, so we advise you to fill the hole, washing machine and buckets, as this water can be useful for daily use.

> Telephone Service <

171 is the telephone service number for recording message exchanges in the event of disasters.

  • To record message: 171 + 1 + xxx.xxxx.xxxx (your home phone number - home phone only).
  • To listen to the message: 171 + 2 + xxx.xxxx.xxxx (family or friend home phone number - home phone only).

This number 171 is used for when the phones do not work due to major earthquakes, this service serves to leave a message for family members and listen to messages left by them.

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