Golden Week - Golden Week

Golden Week - Golden Week 1

Golden Week (ゴ ー ル ン ウ ウ ィ ー ク) is the Golden week in Japan and consists of a set of national holidays that usually goes from 29 from April to 5 in May.

The Japanese Golden Week is so important to the Japanese that it only loses in popularity to the Obon (New Year).

Holidays that make up Golden Week - Golden Week


  • Showa Day (Showa no hi) April 29 - Birthday of the former Emperor Showa, that day the Japanese remember the 63 years of the Showa Era.
  • Constitution Day (Kenpokinenbi) May 3 - It is an important day, where the Japanese reflect on the meaning of Japanese laws, democracy and Japanese government.
  • Green Day or Nature Day (Midori no hi) 4 May - This day was created because the emperor loved plants and nature.
  • Children's Day (Kodomo no hi) Se - Children's Day is intended for children. The girls have their own day.

National holiday: 29 from April to 5 of May, Golden Week.

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