Filipino arrested for attempted murder in Obu city

30 January 2021

25-year-old Filipino Santos Robbie was sentenced to 38 years in prison for hitting a person on the head with a hammer.

In May last year, in the city of Obu, the Filipino Santos Robbie who lives in the city of Nishio he was arrested on the 29th for attempted murder (theft) of his former boss to avoid paying debts.

According to the investigation, Santos beat ex-chief Asahi Sakano several times on the head in May last year (at the time, 34 years old), in an attempt to avoid paying his debt, leaving him seriously injured. He also hit Mr. Sakano's mother on the head, who ran over hearing noises and injured her.

At the January 29 trial, Nagoya District Court Judge Satoshi Miyamoto said:

Mrs Sakano suffered an assassination attempt and was seriously injured, leaving as a skull fracture, he will have to live with the help of other people for the rest of his life. That's why I declare 25 years in prison.

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