Tomoegawa Kingyo Hanabi Festival (2020 Canceled)

The Tomoegawa Festival with fireworks is held annually in the month of August (Saturday) on the bank of river Tomoegawa of Matsudaira neighborhood Toyota city em Aichi Ken.

O Festival Tomoegawa is a tradition in the Matsudaira neighborhood that started around 1955.

In addition to the Tomoegawa parade to other attractions, presentation of dance groups, odori, karate and others, and what could not be missing are the traditional food and drink stands.

And in the end, an impressive fireworks display (Hanabi) on the Tomoegawa River, as well as hand tube fireworks (Tezutsu), and the most anticipated of the festival the Kingyo Hanabi fireworks (goldfish fireworks).

And the Taiko Group in the Matsudaira neighborhood, makes a presentation on the Tomoegawa River at the intervals of Fogos.

(2020 Canceled)

Festival: August 08 (Saturday) from 17 pm to 21 pm

Fireworks: From 20pm.

Note: In the event of bad weather or rising water levels in the river, the festival will be postponed to another day.

Aichi-ken Toyota-shi Iwakura-cho Kakida

Tomoegawa Kingyo Hanabi Festival (2020 Canceled) 1

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