Green Day in Japan (Midori no Hi - み ど り の 日)

O Green Day (Nature Day) Midori no Hi (み ど り の 日) Japanese national holiday, held annually, is the third of 4 national holidays of the Golden Week (Golden Week) in Japan, celebrated on 4 in May. A day when the Japanese show their full appreciation and respect for the environment.

This date is celebrated with many activities together with nature, such as outdoor picnics, among many activities, are those that involve planting trees and informative lectures on environmental issues.

Every year on this date, thousands of volunteers mobilize to plant trees, clean parks or participate in public campaigns on environmental protection. It is also intended to increase people's awareness and love of Nature.

Green Day was actually celebrated on April 29, in honor of the day of the birth of the former Emperor Showa, who was a great lover of plants and nature, including published several works in the field of Plants and Marine Biology .

But since 2006, that date was moved to 4 in May, as it was one of the days of Golden Week that there was no holiday.

National holiday: 4 May, Green Day.

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