Labor Day - Kinrou Kansha no Hi (勤 労 感謝 の 日)

Thanksgiving at Work

In Japan Labor Day is celebrated on 23 November (National holiday) called Kinrou Kansha no Hi (勤 労 感謝 の 日), which translating would be (Thanksgiving Labor Day). In Brazil and in many countries around the world, Labor Day is celebrated on the 1st of May.

Although the official Labor Day is November 23, May 1 is also celebrated as Labor Day by many unions in Japan.

The day of work is to thank the workers in general, regardless of the profession, as each one in their own way contributes to the development of the country, which today forms the third largest power in the world.

The modern national holiday was established at 1948 after World War II as a day to also celebrate some changes made to the constitution in favor of respect for human rights and in particular for the extension of workers' rights.

National holiday: 23 November, Kinrou Kansha no Hi (Labor Day).

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