Day of the Sea - Umi no Hi

Sea Day - Umi no Hi 1

The Sea Day (Umi no Hi - Marine Day) it is a feriado to honor and thank the ocean for all its benefits and to show gratitude to the sea for being such a source of wealth and to raise awareness of its importance for Japan, a landlocked country.

It is the first summer holiday in Japan where many people take advantage of the holiday to spend a day in praia, enjoy the summer breeze, swim, dive and chat.

On Sea Day, all aquariums organize special events, water shows and sea-related cultural activities.

Day of the Sea only became a nationally recognized holiday in Japan in 1996. And from 2003 it is celebrated on the third Monday of July.

For a country surrounded by the sea, it is not surprising that there is a day of celebration and thanks to the sea. The seas surrounding the country were important for isolation during the Edo period (1600-1867). Some commemorative dates of Japanese culture are linked to nature, such as the Equinox Spring and the Green Day.

National holiday: 23 July, Sea Day.

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