Day of the Elderly - Seijin No Hi

Majority Day - Seijin No Hi 1

Seijin no Hi (成人 の 日) is a feriado where is celebrated the Day of the Elderly in Japan, the majority is earned at 20 years. Until 1999, this event always happened on January 15, but from 2000 there was a change in the calendar and the ceremony became the 2 Monday, January.

For centuries it is common in Japan to celebrate the majority, it is as an incentive to the new adults to the new responsibilities. Since the Edo period (1603-1868), boys became adults around 15 years old and girls became adults around 13 years. Only in 1876 did the government of Japan decide to establish the legal age of majority as 20 years.

Young people who have reached this age since 02 from April last year until 01 in April of this year are invited to a Ceremony Seijin shiki. On this day the new adults dress in the best costumes, the girls in the kimonos which is the most formal women's clothing, and the men wear the typical Western formal attire. In celebration, the local mayor tells them about the responsibilities and rights of adult life.

Majority Day - Seijin No Hi 2

During the ceremony, which usually takes place in the morning, the new adults get small gifts and still receive a cash amount, given by the Japanese government. On this day lectures are given to the young adults, about their new rights, duties and responsibilities that they will have from now on.

The number of participants in Seijin shiki has been falling year after year. Many point to Japan's low birth rate as a reason for this. Japanese media also points to other factors, such as the high cost of the costume. Nowadays, the government gives Seijin no Hi a lot of encouragement, so the Japanese government finances a large part of the ceremony, which is quite expensive. Young people often rent or borrow from relatives the clothes for the ceremony, since buying is quite complicated due to the high price of formal and traditional clothing. After the end of the ceremony the young people meet with their friends and go out to drink for the first time in Japanese society to celebrate the age of majority.

And from 1 of April of 2022 comes into force the majority to the 18 in Japan

The revision of the Civil Code for the reduction of the adulthood of the 20 to 18 years was approved at the plenary session of the House of Counselors of the National Diet of Japan, effective as of 1 of April of 2022.

National holiday: 13 of January, Seijin No Hi (Day of Elderly)

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