Day of Culture - Bunka no Hi (文化 の 日)

Culture Day

Culture Day (文化 の 日 Bunka-no-hi) is a National holiday which takes place annually in Japan on 3 November, for the purpose of promoting culture, the arts and academic endeavor.

The date is celebrated throughout Japan since 1948, with festivities and awards ceremonies that promote the arts and academic activities (from elementary school to universities). In general, it is a day to publicize activities such as tea ceremony, martial arts, music and everything that influences not only traditional Japanese culture, but today's society.

November 3 is a national holiday in Japan since the Meiji era. It was originally celebrated as the Emperor's Birthday, because Emperor Meiji was born on November 3, and came to be known as Culture Day with the Emperor's death in 1912.

National holiday: 03 of November, Bunka no Hi (Culture Day).

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