Daifuku - Stuffed Mochi Cookie with Anko

Daifuku - Anko 1 Stuffed Mochi Cupcake

Daifuku Mochi ou Daifuku (I.e. (Ankô Stuffed Mochi Cupcake), consists of small mochi balls (rice balls) stuffed with something sweet, usually anko (azuki bean paste), usually made and distributed on the night of December 31st.

Daifuku means (great luck). Give and eat it on the night of Oshougatsu (New Year) It represents all the good luck and prosperity you want for the coming year.

Daifuku - Anko 2 Stuffed Mochi Cupcake

O Daifuku appears in many ways. The most common is white, also has light green or light pink, stuffed with anko. Some versions contain pieces of fruit, fruit mix with anko, Ichigo Daifuku that has a whole strawberry inside or crushed melon paste. Almost all Daifukus are covered with a thin layer of cornmeal or potato so as not to stick to one another or to the fingers. Some are topped with powdered sugar or cocoa powder. O Mochi and Daifuku are very popular in Japan.


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