How to transfer your Japanese Wallet Qualification Portfolio

How to Transfer Your Driver License to the Japanese 1 License

The Driver's License must be in force (not due) or new portfolios must be at least 91 days of validity, it is possible to transfer the foreign driver's license to the Japanese portfolio. Then just take the psycnic exam, examination of knowledge and practical examination.

The essential requirements for requesting the necessary procedures are the following:

  • Original and double-sided copy of the foreign driver's license.
  • Translation of the foreign driver's license (to be translated by the Japan Automobile Federation-JAF).
  • Current and previous Original Passport (containing all dates of exits and entries stamped).
  • Introduce the Zairyu Card.
  • 1 photo of 3x 2,4 (taken in the last 6 months, without hat and with light background and of a color).

Depending on the applicant's nationality or depending on the province, the required documents may vary.

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