Toyota City Public Housing Center

Published January 2019.

Toyota 1 City Public Housing Center

To purchase an apartment (villa) in the city of Toyota, sign up for the Toyota Housing Center Public (Public Housing Center).

Note: There is an interpreter that answers only on Monday, every second of 13: 30 to 16: 00.

Municipal Housing

Public housing for low income people. Real estate can be provincial (ken ei jutaku), municipal (shi ei jutaku) or housing for workers, elderly and disabled (koyo sokushin jutaku).

Vacancies are for families, single parents, divorced or widowed, elderly and disabled, who already have registered as residents in the city.

Mothers or fathers who raise their children alone or who are divorced or widowed with a low income have a preference.

In some regions, the vacancies are filled and the choice is made by lot.

In general, approval is made based on the income of each family. The income criteria vary according to the cost of living of each locality.

Just as in private property, the payment of guarantees (gloves), in the equivalent amount between two to three leases, is also required, but it is not necessary to pay gratuity, intermediation and contract renewal fees. The submission of two guarantors is also required.

  • Houses

It is a municipal housing property built by the Municipal Government with the subsidy of the Japanese Government, to enable the provision of a public property for people who are in difficulties to obtain a dwelling. In this system the interested party can rent a relatively low-cost property, thanks to the subsidy coming from taxes. Thus, registration is possible in case of fulfilling the basic conditions established in the Public Housing Law and the current Municipal Law, where the conditions for registration and how to calculate the rental value of the property are established.

  • Requirements for registration
  1. Do not own a home.
  2. Currently residing in this city (Toyota-shi), or being employed in a company located in this city.
  3. Being family, from 2 people (spouses, father or mother and son, etc.) with financial independence.
  4. Possessing Japanese nationality or foreign nationality, with permanent visa, long-stay visa or married to Japanese.
  5. People who are up to date with the payment of taxes and other public fees. (Due to being a property built with the subsidy coming from taxes).
  6. Have 2 (two) guarantor.
  7. The applicant and / or family members should not be members of the criminal organization of "bouryokudan" gangsters.

Open Hours: From 09: 00 to 17: 00 hours

Artist: Every Monday from 13: 30 to 16: 00hr.

Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Tel: 0565-36-0655 / 0565-34-2001

End: Aichi-ken Toyota-shi kitamachi 6-3-4

Toyota 2 City Public Housing Center

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