Shirakawa-go village (白 川村)

Published in February 2019. Shirakawa-go (白 川村 Shirakawa-mura) is a small village located in the Shirakawa city of Gifu-ken,…

Brazilian Pranks - Plant Man in Kaizu

Gifu Immigration

Published January 2019. Gifu branch of Nagoya Regional Immigration Office Jurisdiction: Gifu.…

Shaken Kei (Gifu - Hashima)

Published in November 2019. Keijidousha Kensa Kyoukai - Vehicle Inspection (small) Time: From 8:45 am…


Published January 2020. Support and assistance center for Workers, unemployment insurance and agency…

Winter Lighting Parque Kiso Sansen - Kaizu

Every year, from November to the end of December, the famous free winter lighting takes place…

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