Children's Country - Kainan Kodomo no kuni

Children's Country (Kodomo no kuni) is a playground that was opened in 1975 with…

Hamamatsu Park Sanaru Lake

Sanaru Park is on the elegant lakeside in Hamamatsu City of Shizuoka. IS…

Park Nakatajima Enshu Seaside Hamamatsu

Nakatajima Public Park, Enshu Seaside of Hamamatsu City, a beautiful park, very good for…

South Okazaki Park - Minami Koen

It is a very large park with a combination of amusement park where people can pass by…

Hamanako Garden Park - Hamamatsu

Hamanako Garden Park is a place that everyone can enjoy through the four seasons.

Okazaki East Park - Higashi Koen & Zoo

Built in 1964 at Higashi Okazaki Park is famous in Aichi. Great place for sightseeing with…

Toyota Kuragaike Park & ​​Zoo

In Japan it is difficult to find large green space where families can spend time, run,…

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