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What is the responsibility of the Japan Channel Guide (employment guide) about the announcement of the vacancy?

It is important to inform that the purpose of our Portal is to align the interests between companies that want to recruit and professionals who wish to be recruited to the job market. is a tool that helps the contact between the interested parties. The Channel Japan Guide is not responsible for the inappropriate practices of companies, the information quoted in the vacancies is the sole responsibility of the advertising company. However, we have the interest that our users have access to real employment opportunities, and so we established some criteria to elect the partner companies, namely:

1 - When we identify any irregularities or receive complaints, we immediately arrange for the company to be removed.

2- Unfortunately we can not monitor or "policing" what companies practice in their day-to-day lives. What we can do is eliminate your registration and not allow them to post new jobs, since it has been performing activities that we do not consider appropriate.

Free Resume created in April of 2019.

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