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Don't have a website yet? Having a website has become indispensable for businesses of all sizes, large, medium or small.

We have studied the best way for your business to live on the Internet in Japan. Our knowledge of building and disseminating websites in Japan will make your business reap the full benefits of your investment.

Having a website is no longer a luxury for the few, but a general rule for companies that want to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

In Japan, business growth involving Brazilians on the Internet is accelerated and noticed. Every day more foreign consumers in Japan are accessing the Internet and more companies are offering their products and services to meet the demand.


We focus primarily on small and midsize businesses, because they have more difficulty contracting services for their sites because of the high cost. THE Website Guide is here to help, at the lowest possible cost.

O Website Guide has prepared a special package with the best value for money (website, hosting and maintenance), so you won't be without your website.

  • SITE (domain registration) - Mobile optimization, Htaccess settings, custom php, content management.
  • Hosting (Website is self-hosted): Secure website and email, high availability, high speed, dedicated support.
  • Maintenance: We keep your site updated.
  • Hosting Technology: VPS | Linux with dedicated features.
  • Dice: 8000GB data transfer - automatically renewed every month - free of charge. SSD Storage 10GB, you can order larger storage at additional cost.
  • IP: Dedicated IP with IPv6 support.
  • Access: administrator, for your “100% root” website files and settings.
  • Security: Counter attacks DDoS, viruses, worms, firewalls, auto-check, weekly data backup in case of configuration and restore.
  • Database: Own with SQL Injection Check.
  • CMS: Updated and customized WordPress with backup and security.
  • Own CWP Panel: Customized for content management, email and configuration files, php.ini access and more, Learn more about CWP Control, click here.
  • With SSL / TLS / HTTPS - Free for our customers.
  • AI for multiple languages: Automatic translation for your website with IA technology ” neural translation human level ”- additional cost, consult.
  • FTP server: Free access to your folder via FTP, so you can customize or upload its contents.

We focus on helping our customers in Japan build a successful web business. We make it easy for you to have a website.






Our process is simple.

Forget the complications usually involved in setting up a website. Our steps are fast, easy and with all the necessary support from start to finish.

  • Production: To develop and answer questions, we will send an email or contact, so we can talk and ask questions, it is through these conversations that we will understand the needs and objectives of your site.
  • Website Identity: With your logo and information, we will develop a preview of how the homepage will look.
  • Time to bring the site to life: You help in content with the texts and photos for the site. That done, we publish the site and schedule training so you can manage your pages whenever and however you want.

※ But if you need help, just ask, we will always be available


It is among the best in the market in Japan with quality and good price, to be a reference in excellence in web services.


Be a reference in developing internet application in Japan, generating business value and customer relationship.


Commitment to quality.

Want a budget for creating a professional, personalized WordPress site?

Fill out the form below and wait for one of our professionals to contact you. Website Guide to better understand your website development!

2 Website Creation
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