Odaru Waterfall

Odaru Waterfall (大 ダ ル の 滝) is waterfall 30 meters high and 7 meters wide and is the largest waterfall on the Peninsula of Izu, located in Kawazu cityAt Shizuoka Prefecture. This waterfall is part of 7 waterfalls that flow from the Kawazu River, called Kawazu Nanadaru.

  • Odaru Waterfall 1
  • Odaru Waterfall 2
  • Odaru Waterfall 3
  • Odaru Waterfall 4
  • Odaru Waterfall 5
  • Odaru Waterfall 6
  • Odaru Waterfall 7
  • Odaru Waterfall 8

The waterfall area is owned by Hotel Amagiso. The hotel built a beautiful 25-meter thermal water pool and a hot spring (onsen) for outdoor bathing on the side of the waterfall, but you can bathe in river and get close to the waterfall. As it is a private area with a pool, a fee is charged

  • Odaru Waterfall 9
  • Odaru Waterfall 10
  • Odaru Waterfall 11

Brazilian & Foreigners No. Japan

  • Adult entry fee: 2.000 yen.
  • Children entrance fee: 1.000 yen.
  • Swimwear rental: 300 yen.
  • Towel Rental: 300 yen.
  • Set with bath linen + towels: 500 yen
  • Schedule: from 11:00 to 19:00 hr.

Shizuoka-ken Kamo Kawazu Nashimoto 363

Odaru Waterfall 19

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