Joren Waterfall

The Joren Waterfall (Rinno Waterfall) and the waterfall most famous of Izu due to its beautiful shape and beautiful blue well, Joren Falls was selected as one of the top 100 waterfalls of Japan, a masterpiece of nature and represents one of the main attractions da Izu city.

The Joren waterfall is 25 meters high and 7 meters wide amid deep trees. The cold air and splashes of mountains make the climate cool even in summer. Its name comes from the fact that there was a temple called Jorenji in the nearby mountains.

The Joren Waterfall was created about 17.000 years ago by the Hachikuboyama lava in the southeast. On the rock surface, columnar cracks (columnar joints) formed during the lava cooling process can be observed, creating a unique and beautiful landscape.

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A famous Wasabi camp in Amagi in front of the waterfall and along the stream and a famous ice cream shop, known as the creator of wasabi ice cream. Wasabi ice cream is made with wasabi mixed with a very tasty creamy ice cream, launched over 20 years ago.

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You can also enjoy fishing in the stream while watching the waterfall. Rent fishing equipment, such as rods and fishing accessories. After fishing you can choose to take the fish or grill it on the spot and eat it.

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Foreigners in Japan

  • Starter: Free
  • Parking: Free

Fishing Fee:

  • 1 hour for up to 6 fish: 1.660 yen.
  • 2 hours for up to 12 fish: 3.310 yen.
  • Stick Rental: 220 yen.
  • Bait: 160 yen.
  • Fish hook: 30 yen
  • Additional fishing hours (every 15 minutes more): 410 yen.
  • Values ​​for more fish caught: 300 yen.

Shizuoka-ken Izu-shi Yugashima 892-14

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