Child Support - Jido Teate

Published February 2020.

Child Support (Jido Teate - Children's allowance) is the Japanese government's assistance system to preserve the child's future and healthy development. Child support is a benefit granted to parents who have children aged 0 to 15, and the amount depends on the number of children, age and income.

The aid will be paid to parents or guardians with registered resident within Japanese territory who are supporting the children.

It is necessary to apply to receive Child Support at the City Hall's application counter along with the required documents. After verification and approval, the aid will be paid to the applicant.

Necessary Documents for the Request:

  • Inkan - Personal stamp.
  • Applicant's health insurance portfolio.
  • Applicant's bankbook (for depositing child support).
  • Zairyu Card of the applicant and the child.
  • Passport of applicant and child.

※ Depending on the city hall, other documents may be requested.

Who is entitled to receive Child Support:

  • All children aged 0 to 15 (living in Japan).
  • The father, mother or guardian who is supporting children up to the age of 15 (residing in Japan).

The monthly amount of the aid differs according to the beneficiary's previous year's income

Beneficiary whose previous year's income is less than the amount determined:
  • Children aged 0 to 2 years old: 15.000 yen.
  • From 3 years old to 12 years old, finishing primary school ¨Shougakkou¨ (1 or 2 children): 10.000 yen.
  • From 3 years old up to 12 years old, ¨Shougakkou¨ Primary school (3 children onwards): 15.000 yen.
  • Gymnasium ¨Chuugakkou¨: 10.000 yen
Beneficiary whose income for the previous year is higher than the amount determined:
  • Children under 15: 5.000 yen.

Aid Payment Day:

The payment of Child Aid will be made 3 times a year (June, October, February) equivalent to the previous 4 months. Child support will be paid into the account of the holder who is supporting the child.

  • June (referring to February, March, April and May).
  • October (referring to June, July, August and September).
  • February (referring to October, November, December and January).

Responsible sector:

Child Care Support Sector (Kosodate shien ka).

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