Aid payment approved (100 yen)

The plenary session of the Chamber approved on this date (April 30, 2020), the proposed supplementary budget of 100.000 yen.

As of May, the 100.000 yen benefit begins to be distributed to all citizens, including foreigners, the benefit is per person including children and babies.

City halls must send a form to all registered households. In the document, it will be necessary to inform the bank account details of the head of the family for transfer and information of the members. In principle, the payment of 100.000 yen will be deposited in the account of the head of the household, that is, the money of all members of the family as a wife or children, will be deposited in the account of the householder at once.

The cash subsidy of 100.000 yen per person will be paid, without income restrictions and regardless of nationality, all persons listed on the Basic Resident Register as of the 27th of this month are eligible. Specifically, it applies to Japanese residents of Japan and foreigners with a residence status of more than 3 months, and who have their resident card. The payment start date will be decided by each city.

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