Academies close due to risk of coronavirus in Japan

Companies in Japan are adapting to a new reality and academies are closing with fear and risks created by the coronavirus epidemic.

Gym operator Central Sports says almost all of its 240 points will be closed by March 10. Other fitness companies have already taken similar steps.

Shopping center operator Aeon Mall is slowing down its opening hours in its 142 malls. The company says that all tenants, except supermarkets, will cut their days by about 4 hours.

This measure was taken to address the shortage of staff caused by the closure of schools across the country.

And the sushi chain that served its customers through a conveyor belt, Hamazushi is taking away one of the defining characteristics of its business (the conveyors). Customers will no longer see dishes circulating on a conveyor in front of them. Instead, they will be asked to place an order via a touch screen panel.

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