Japan Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance (oy 保 険 Koyou Hoken) is a benefit granted to the unemployed worker (who lost his job) until he gets a new job. Its purpose is to provide temporary financial assistance to the unemployed worker.

It is the employer's obligation to register the worker in the Unemployment Insurance system. Insurance charges will be borne by both the employer and the worker. Unemployment insurance amounts to 0,0135% of the month's salary, with 0,005% deducted from the employee's salary and 0,0085% paid by the employer. Employee receiving 200 1,000 yen is discounted 1,000 yen for unemployment insurance contribution.

Who can receive unemployment benefit
  • The worker who is registered in the unemployment insurance and at the moment of leaving the job.
Who cannot receive the benefit
  • Person unable to work immediately due to illness, injury or pregnancy. Benefit payment is postponed.
  • Person who returns permanently to the country shortly after leaving the company.
Deadline to claim benefit
  • The insured person can receive the allowance within one year from the day after the date of the company leaving. If this period exceeds this period, the beneficiary will forfeit the benefit.
Waiting Period
  • The waiting period is 7 days after registering with Hello Work, 7 days are required for the recognition of unemployed status.
Rights of the person who is dismissed by the company
  • You will be entitled to the benefit if you have been insured for 6 months or more in unemployment insurance.
  • You will be entitled to payment after the waiting period (7 days).
Rights of the person who has resigned
  • You will be entitled to the benefit if you have been insured for more than 12 months.
  • You will be entitled to payment after three months beyond the waiting period (7 days).
  • However, even if you have resigned, if Hello Work concludes that there were unavoidable circumstances, you will be entitled to payment after 7 days instead of 3 months.
How is the allowance to be received calculated?
  • Add the last six salaries prior to the date of termination and divide the total by 180 to obtain the daily value that serves as the basis of calculation. The insured will receive 45% to 80% of this daily amount. The lower the salary, the higher the percentage to receive.
What is the number of days to receive
  • It varies by age, years of contribution and reason for removal. The benefit period is usually 90 days (3 months), but may vary depending on the reason, up to 360 days.
Documents Required to Apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Unemployment letter, time off form (Rishokushyo).
  • Unemployment Insurance Card (Koyo Hoken Hihokenshasho).
  • Zairyu Card.
  • Inkan (stamp).
  • 2 Photos (3 × 2,5cm)
  • Bank book.
Where can I ask questions or apply for unemployment insurance
  • At Hello Work in your city (usually has Interpreter).

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