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Shakai Hoken - 1 Social Security

O Shakai Hoken (社会 保 険) is administered by the Japanese government, offered to salaried workers, it is a compulsory insurance that companies must register their employees. Registration is done through the employer and consists of Health Insurance (kenko hoken) and Social Security (retirement), accidents and even funeral insurance.

Payment is required for employees who have worked for more than 2 months in a company. This rate is calculated based on the average salary, the rate is deducted from the salary and its value is divided equally between the employee and the company, that is, the employee pays 50% and the company the other 50% of the total value.

People aged 40 to 64 years, pay an additional fee relative to the kaigo hokenryo, which is an elderly care insurance. This fee is included in the shakai hoken and is deducted from the worker's salary. After completing 65 years of age, the worker starts to pay this fee directly to the city hall of his city.

  • Benefits of Shakai Hoken

Medical care, childbirth and payment of wages during sickness or non-work-related injuries, among others. If the enrollee dies, the family will receive a pension. If you are disabled, you will receive a disability pension. 70% of the medical costs are covered by the insurance, only 30% of the total medical expense will be paid by the insured (depending on age 20% or 10%). In the case of childbirth the holder of Shakai Hoken may receive 60% of the salary, childbirth or death benefit.

  • High Medical Expense

When the amount of medical expenses becomes too high in the 1 month period, the amount that exceeds the established base value may later be reimbursed by the National Health Insurance. But the amount varies from region to region. The application form will be sent by the City Hall only to those who meet the established requirements. To receive this benefit you will need to have the medical expense payment receipt.

The benefit is granted to the pregnant woman working, she will receive 60% of the average salary during 98 days. You will receive the benefit, 42 days before your due date and 56 days after birth. And during maternity leave, there will be no fee for the shaken hoken.

This aid is made to cover expenses for deliveries that are at least 4 months of gestation (including preterm deliveries) and interruptions of gestation (spontaneous or voluntary abortions). The amount of the aid varies from 390 to 420 one thousand yen. In order to receive this assistance, the pregnant woman must be the insurance holder or dependent on the health insurance of the spouse.

  • Funeral Expenses

When the insured dies, and if the wake-up ceremony is held, 50.000 yen will be provided. You must have the Document that it is possible to confirm the representative of the wake (cremation certificate, etc.). Funeral assistance may be requested at the time of death of a relative by the member of the family responsible for the funeral (moshu).

  • Benefit during medical leave

In the event of removal from work due to illness or injury unrelated to work, shakai hoken covers 2 / 3 daily, from the fourth day of removal. To receive this help, the illness or injury can not be related to work (work accident there is other insurance).

  • Receipt of Assistance after Company Disengagement (insurance shutdown)

Even if you leave the company and lose the qualification as insured person, you can continue to receive the salary (60%, two-thirds) if you are unable to work because you are sick or injured.

To have right you need to meet two conditions:

  1. The person must be insured for more than one year (one day before the date of removal);
  2. If company termination occurs after 3 days of absence (waiting period) due to illness or injury.
  • Pension

After having paid for Social Security for 25 years, the insured who reaches 65 years of age will be entitled to receive a pension until his death. If the person dies, the dependents can receive a pension. In case of disability the insured person will also receive a pension.

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  1. Good afternoon, I would like to know if there are any websites or places I can refer to if I am subscribed to Shakai Hoken (Kanagawa) I am not trusting the contractor and would like to take the question for myself.
    Thank you

    1. Well every city has Shakai office, would have to look but only in Japanese, and more than one type of Shakai hoken would have to know for sure which one is yours but let's think together almost every Hoken you get a wallet but usually It takes a month to arrive. Then ask the contractor when Hoken's wallet arrives. Because with the wallet you will make sure it is registered in Shakai Hoken. I hope I helped you.

  2. Good of a, I would like more information on receiving insurance after leaving the country, such as receiving the 80% and then redeeming the remaining 20%

    1. Good evening sorry for the delay, according to new law there is no longer this rescue, because the years you worked here (contributed) is counted in Brazil, but for this you need to bring documents that prove your working time (contribution) here in Japan. If you go away definitely prepare all the documentation, if I understand correctly, in your case I think you left long ago. Usually in order not to have problems or difficulties in Brazil, you need to bring documents from here. As it did not take if you are going to enter you will have to have a person in Japan who can help you.

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