Park of birds and flowers - Kakegawa Kachouen (掛 川 花鳥 園)

Park of birds and flowers (Kakegawa Kachouen - 掛 川 花鳥 園) is a bird park where you can have fun interacting with birds and beautiful scenery of flowers, located in the Kakegawa city in the province of Shizuoka, which offers visitors the opportunity to see and interact with a variety of birds from all over the world, visitors enter the nurseries to have direct contact with birds such as owls, toucans, flamingos, macaws, parakeets and ostriches. The greenhouse is fully air-conditioned, which offers a cool breeze in the summer and warmth in the winter, even on rainy days you can enjoy and have fun visiting Kachouen park comfortably.

A park for all ages with many activities, interactive shows and educational demonstrations. You can watch parrots and hawks perform exciting tricks in the air at one of the daily shows or learn about different owl species. Visitors also have the opportunity to feed, hold and take pictures with penguins, parakeets, owls and many other birds.

The park also offers a flower-filled food court with a large living room and a variety of dining options, where you can enjoy a quick snack or a full lunch buffet for only 1.200 yen. Bird-themed cakes and sweets are also available at a café.

Disabled people who use wheelchairs and families who have strollers should not worry because the park is barrier free, everyone can enjoy and have fun.

Open Hours: from 09: 00h to 16: 30h and on weekends and holidays, from 09: 00h to 17: 00h

Starter: Adults 1050 yen, children 525 yen, elderly 840 yen.

Food to feed the birds: 100 yen per cup.

End: 1517 Minami-Saigou Kakegawa-shi Shizuoka 436-0024

Phone: 0537-62-6363

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