South Okazaki Park - Minami Koen

South Okazaki Park - Minami Koen 1

It is a very large park with a combination of amusement park where people can spend a wonderful day, traffic square, sports facilities such as swimming pool and tennis court and stunning plum forest.

South Okazaki Park - Minami Koen 2

There are many tours available for parents and Amusement park, including children's train, Ferris wheel, cup, bicycle monorail, etc.

South Okazaki Park - Minami Koen 3

Na Transit Square the children learn about Japan's traffic rules with a huge lane and has instructors who guide and check the safety of children, small cars, tricycles, bicycles, walkways, pedestrian lane, traffic light and train line, with a very cheap price , from 40 yen, Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

South Okazaki Park - Minami Koen 4

And the Playground has swing, slide and other toys. And in the spring has plum forests, summer pools, autumn Halloween and many winter events.
The traditional Flower Festival of Plum of Minami Park, commemorates the 200 plum trees of 19 species that begin to bloom in mid-February until the beginning of March. On weekends, people are entertained

Parking: Free (280 cars cap)

Phone: 0564-52-9095 (Japanese)

End .: Aichi-ken Okazaki-shi Wakamatsu-cho Kayabayashi 1-1

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