Festivals & Events

Day of Prayer of the Henjouin Koubousan Temple of Chiryu

Chiryu Koubousan Henjouin Temple It is a temple with many Buddhas and Gods. In Japan to many Buddhas and you can find almost all Buddhas and Gods in this Temple. IS…


Hatsumode - First Visit of the Year to the Shrine or Temple

Hatsumode (初 詣) is a Japanese term used to refer to the first visit to the Shinto shrine in the New Year. Normally, the Japanese go to a temple on the 31st of…


Shamisen is a traditional three-stringed Japanese musical instrument whose resonance box has a cat or snake skin top. It took the place of biwa…


Nikuman - 肉 ま ん

Nikuman [肉 ま ん] are boiled dumplings of Chinese origin, stuffed with pork and other ingredients. One of the snacks you find at convenience stores in Japan. Basically, it's about…

Health guide

Kiwi Health Benefits

Kiwi (キ ウ イ) with its sour touch and quirky look has garnered a growing number of Brazilian fans. In the last six years in Brazil, consumption has increased by 50%. One of the main…

Japanese course

Okazaki - Free Japanese Course

Free Japanese Course at the International Exchange Center - Libra, classes taught by volunteers. Portuguese and Spanish Interpreter: Kishimoto Sandra Informations: Libra - Okazaki Tel .: 0564-23-3148 Registration: Go directly…

Miyoshi - Free Japanese Course

Free Japanese Course from Miyoshi Learning Center, volunteer classes. In Miyoshi Prefecture Tel .: 0561-32-2111 Enrollment: Going directly to the course site Courses All…

Brazilian events


Monster Jam is the world's largest motor sporting event, which took place for the first time at the Seibu Dome Stadium on November 2 and 3, 2019, in the city of…

Winter lighting

Illumination of the 138 Tower of Ichinomiya Park

138 Tower Park is the largest park in Japan, with a 138-meter-high tower in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture. It is considered one of the…

Foreign Communities

Community Hamamatsu

The first and only Brazilian portal of the city of Hamamatsu. A portal made by the Brazilian and Peruvian community of Hamamatsu. Taking information, tips, sights, festivals, events, company guide,…

Toyota Community

The first and only Brazilian Portal of the city of Toyota. A portal made by the Brazilian and Peruvian community of Toyota. Taking information, tips, sights, festivals, events, company guide, guide…

Photos Gallery of the Foreign Community in Japan

Nonhoi Park - Toyohashi Zoo and General Botanical Garden - Photo Gallery

Monster Jam In Japan - Photo Gallery

Want to enter the Monster Jam photo gallery? Send your photo in the email ([Email protected]) and show everyone that you've been to Monster Jam in Japan.

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