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Japanese Remedy Guide Translated into Portuguese

Alesion 20 「ア レ ジ オ ン 20」 - Allergy Remedy

Alesion 20 is a nasal allergy medicine for allergies caused by things like pollen and dust. Recommended for people Those who suffer from painful allergic nasal inflammation caused by…

Koen - Public Parks

Iwayado Park

Iwayado Park (岩 屋 堂 公園 内) is located in the city of Seto, Aichi. A charming natural park with green valley, mountain, river, trails, observatory, sanctuary and waterfalls. Iwayado Park is a…


Mount Iwasu Observatory of Iwayado Park

The Mount Iwasu Observatory (岩 巣 山 展望 台) of Iwayado Park is located in the city of Seto, Aichi. Many adventurous people and relatives come to hike this trail with a 600 meters course…

Brazilian Pranks in Japan



Omurice: Japanese rice omelet

Omurice urais オ ム ラ イ ス 」Omuraisu is simply rice omelet and very popular in Japan, Taiwan and Korea, also very common in restaurants in Japan. There are many different varieties and recipes for this…

Health guide

Banana Health Benefits

Bananas are among the most popular fruits. Despite being native to Southeast Asia, they are grown worldwide, come in various sizes, colors and shapes, being the…

Japanese course

Brazilian events


Published in November 2019. Monster Jam is the largest motorized sporting event in the world, which took place for the first time at Estadio Seibu Dome on the 2nd and 3rd of…

Foreign Communities

Photos Gallery of the Foreign Community in Japan

Your Kei Awaits You
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