Japanese Remedy Guide Translated into Portuguese

Alesion 20 「ア レ ジ オ ン 20」 - Allergy Remedy

Alesion 20 is a nasal medicine for allergies caused by pollen and dust. Recommended for Those suffering from painful allergic nasal inflammation caused by pollen, household dust, etc. Those…

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Cold Feet Warmed with Golden Ginger and Garlic

Two carefully selected hot ingredients, hot supplements, golden ginger and garlic (に ん に く 生姜). Ginger is a natural hot ingredient and a source of energy, combined with the garlic it has…


Minami Chita Beach Land Aquarium / Toy Kingdom Amusement Park

Published in February 2019. The Minami Chita Beach Land Aquarium, opened in 1980, located in the Aichi region of Chita-gun, is composed of an aquarium with interactive events and…



Turkish Kushimoto Memorial and Museum

The Turkish memorial and museum are a tourist attraction in Wakayama Prefecture. The place ranks first on the list of must-see local attractions. It is also the third place ...


Omurice: Japanese rice omelet

Omurice urais オ ム ラ イ ス 」Omuraisu is simply rice omelet and very popular in Japan, Taiwan and Korea, also very common in restaurants in Japan. There are many different varieties and recipes for this…

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Brazilian Pranks in Japan

Foreign Communities

Photos Gallery of the Foreign Community in Japan

Aichi Companies

Edna Cabeleireira Chiryu

Published in October 2018. Edna Cabeleireira, come and be more beautiful at the best price in the city of Chiryu. Our services: Women's, Men's and Children's Hair Dye Permanent Hydration Service ...

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